Rotavator is used as a primary cum secondary tillage implement. It helps to conserve previous soil moisture and pulverizes soil up-to 6 inches of depth.

Rotavator / Rotary Tiller Use

  • It used to prepare the farming land suitable for sowing.
  • For eradicating weeds
  • Mixing manure or fertilizer into the soil
  • Rotavator is ideal for smooth & speedy preparation for root crops, fodder crops, orchards & cash crops.
  • It increases the soil fertility by mixing the residue of crops like wheat, cotton, sugarcane and paddy.
  • Efficient & economical for puddling. rotavator is ideal for dry and wet both soil condition because of the sealed rotor bearings.
  • Rotavator saves ours in time & fuel. Lesser wear & tear of the tractor as the soil preparation is accomplished in
    one or two passes.
  • It conserves soil moisture & helps water distribution management as tilling can be done immediately after harvesting the previous crop.
  • Tillage depth varies according to the moisture level of the soil.


The advantage of Tractor Rotavator

  • Rapid seedbed preparation
  • Reduce draft compared to the conventional tillage implement
  • Less power loss
  • Soil compaction reduces
  • Rotavator reduce tractor weight

Types of Rotavator

  • One act as an integral part of the power tiller
  • Whereas a separate entity mounted on tractor hydraulic system and powered by tractor PTO shaft
  • Power tiller require three times more power than plough