Rotavator is a  tractor drive rotary tillage implement, It basically uses to plough the land by a series of blades that cuts, pulverizes, mixes and level the soil in a single pass, Rotovator could be a most economically and effectively be used tool for replacement the cultivator, harrow and radical.

Use of Tractor Rotavator

There is multiple uses of Tractor rotavator in agriculture

  • It use to prepare the land and it leveling
  • It also uses for preparation of seedbed for sowing
  • It uses to minimize fuel consumption and time
  • Use as a primary and secondary tillage machine.

Rotavator manufacture

There are varies size of rotavator available in market like 6 feet rotavator, 3 feet rotavator, 9 feet rotavator, There are many market leaders in  agricultural implements who manufacturing  rotavator. fieldking, shaktiman,sonalika one of them.  Visit here to more  6 feet rotavator price.