Agriculture is all around us and this is not an easy task. To make these task simple new farm machine introduced by the farm equipment manufactures. If you are about to start doing farming then you definitely need different farm equipment. Maybe you planning to contact a dealer and possibility that he might load you with many unnecessary farm equipment. If you know about the machine and tools that require for farming then you start learning about them. If you have the information then you can choose farm machinery on your own. 

Here are some important modern farm machines and their uses. 

  • Tractors
  • Plows
  • Broadcast Spreader
  • Harrows
  • Harvesters

Modern Farm machines and Their Uses


A tractor a versatile farm machine and consider as a king among various farm equipment. Tractor provides the power and traction necessary to motorise agricultural works. Tractor helps in moving different type of attachment or farm implement to prepare farmlands. Tractor comes in different sizes and horsepowers varying in size and capacity. 


Farmers have been plowing their fields and sowing seed for thousands of years. In old-time wooden plow were brought in use. Plow helps to turn over the soil to bring a new layer of soil to the exterior. This is a timeless way to make the field for the seeding process. If we talk about the type of plough then you find the types like ridge plow, moldboard plows, disc plows, and rotary plows. Know more about plow here.


Harrow and plough use for same work but the main difference og deep tillage work. Harrow a type of farm implements used to separate and mix up the soil, making it even and consistent. Harrowing a field is final work to complete before sowing process. 


A harvester or combine harvester, powerful machine that helps complete the harvesting work like reaping, threshing, and winnowing. This machine saves time and money of producers. A combine machine can be used for grains like rice or wheat. You can prefer a specific type of harvester as per your harvesting needs.

Broadcast Spreader

Sowing and fertilizing process are important for better productivity. For these task-specific tools required, like a broadcast spreader. Broadcast spreaders are farm machine that can help spread seed, fertilizers, pesticide and other produce in the field to save plants from parasites and improve fertile rate. 

These are the main farm machine that every farmer got in their farm machinery fleet. If you are about to buy a farm machine then do check on Farmease where you can buy or sell farm machinery online.