The Last Candle

It’s a story about a room which was full of light. Four burning candles have been lighting this room with their flames; they were silent. Suddenly the first one breaks her silence and introduced herself – I’m peace. Nobody can keep me burning. I’ll die. She extinguished within a while. Then the second starts talking and introduced her as belief. Since there’s no peace, I’m valueless. Therefore, I’m going out. As soon as the second candle turns off its flame, the third candle opens his mouth, I’m love. Peace and belief aren’t burning. So, I don’t have the strength to stand here. People usually find me insignificant when peace and belief are absent in their lives. They are even forgetting the values of their dearest people. By the end of her speech, the third candle has extinguished herself.

A child entered the room within a while. He puts a question towards those candles – why you guys aren’t doing your duties? You should have done that until the end of the fire. Then the baby starts crying. The fourth candle opens the mouth and consoles the crying kid. You shouldn’t be afraid as long as I’m alive. You can light up those candles with my flame. I’m hope. The innocent child has lighted up all other candles with the help of the fourth candle. Peace, faith, and love have joined with hope. It turned the room brighter. Despite an imaginary story, it’s giving us a beautiful message

The flame of hope should never be snuff out of life, even though the life is dark; full of frustration, sorrow, and problems. It’s dominant enough to return back the peace, belief, and love, anytime. We shouldn’t lose hope anytime, at any situation.