Symptoms of Too Much Stressed

We all come through situations in life where we stress too much about things. While getting stress about anything can be useful at times, as it also helps us to do the most difficult things and conquer our worries, but we also have to accept, that being stressed is not fun all the time.

As per the research, approximately 90 % of significant sicknesses are caused by high-stress levels. That is why it is important in life to de-stress yourself and try to create happiness. Many people when finding it difficult to deal with stress, prefer taking the help of counselling or online counselling with an experienced and certified therapist. Others try self-help by finding the reasons for stress. You should always know about the best ways to deal with stress levels. And it can be only possible when you can spot early signs of getting too much stressed.

You Forget and Misplace Things

Are you misplacing things quite a few times in a week? Or you forget a word when talking to someone. Poor memory often has a connection with excessive stress. Research actually shows that stress can reduce your ability to recall things. Stress affects the spatial part of your brain, which helps you to trace objects around you and seemingly other day-to-day ordinary things.

Lack of Focus

When you deal with loads of work balancing your commitments, you may feel overwhelmed. That is exactly the point, adrenal glands start producing cortisol, and as per the studies, continued secretion to cortisol may lead to shrinking of the hippocampus, which is the memory center in your brain. This is responsible for you to feel distracted enough.

Do you feel that you are coughing a lot, easily catching a cold, or even sometimes feeling feverish for weeks and days? Well, it may not be just because of the weather change around you, the stress you’re going through can also be the reason. The stress hormone cortisol may be causing it. Though they are to protect you for a short duration when the hormone is withdrawn from the body as days pass, you become much more vulnerable to get sick.

You Feel Extreme Thirst

When you feel anxious, it can cause your adrenal glands to produce stress hormones in the body. That leads to other hormonal imbalance, too, and disturb your fluid balance in your body. So if you are reading this and feeling thirsty right now, your stress may be the reason and must relax first before taking a water bottle.

Persistent Headaches

Have you been experiencing burning headaches? Feel extreme pain in different areas of your head? Your stress may be the reason for all those headaches.

Your Neck or Back is Aching

Got a stiff neck or feeling your lower back is cramped up after a hectic day? Your stressful job life or a personal situation may be the reason behind it. Your posture throughout the day cannot be the reason always. Your stiffed neck can also be the reason for your headaches.

You have sleepless nights

If you wake up in midnight and start thinking or worry about assumptions, it may be a sign of anxiety. After a hectic day full of brain engaging work, you should naturally feel sleepy, but if still, you are not able to fall asleep, it may be due to the high-stress levels.

Before treating it either way it becomes necessary to find out the symptoms and reason for your stress. If you are not able to understand your stress levels and not able to handle it yourself, then going to a therapist or online Counseling will be the best option for you to choose.

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