Toxic Relationship

According to mental health expert sometimes toxic is extremely harmful or malicious, sometimes your loved one doesn’t think about your relationship they can be considered as abusive.
It is an unhealthy relationship sometimes it considered as a toxic.

A toxic relationship is always harmed. A toxic person causes emotional or physical damage to another person who is living in a relationship with him/her.

If you are still don’t want to quit then you are living with a toxic relationship, but you need to always concerned about how they are behaving, Here are below sign will help you to identify the toxic relationship.

Control issues

Your partner is always rigid and must have their own ways of living style. You always find yourself to complying to keep the peace because it’s easier.

Communication difficulties

They have always different opinion about any concern they use to shouting, shunning, bitting in most of the cases.

Feeling on edge

you always need to justify yourself, and you can not do anything according to yourself.

It’s you

If you feel that your relationship with your partner is fine then the problem lies with you and your misinterpretation of reality.

If you identifying these signs, you could be in a toxic relationship. sometimes online therapy can help you to deal with a toxic relationship.