The relationship is the state of being connected by two human being by blood or marriage, there are two types of relationship predefined and self-defined.

The relationship that already defined by gods like our blood relation with our parents and sibling. Whereas the relationship that we made by us with our friend our girlfriend is a self-defined relationship.

A good relationship in marriage is often difficult. Sometimes its up and downs and each marriage  undergo it, sometimes even some couple face break up the issue ,  here are some tips that create a strong and stable relationship:



This is the key to every marriage life. it’s necessary, to be honest, true and honest concerning your feelings and alternative aspects of a relationship. whether or not it’s discussing your feelings or taking concerning mundane aspects, it’s necessary to share, sometimes poor communication create a wide gap between our relationship 


Every life, you can’t be always right. some on some point you should compromise with your spouse, sometime might be you disagree with some point but still, you should compromise with her/him.


It is very much important to listen and be non-judgmental because there are many times when you might make the mistake. That point of time we should respect the feeling of each other. 


It is easy to make a strong bond as a friend. Everyone like to share everything with own friend. However, always add romance to date nights, always do things together to keep the spark.


 Without mutual respect, love cannot blossom. you wish to respect every other’s choices and compromise on a bunch of aspects.


The foundation of a marriage is love. From showing heart to physical intimacy, every side is vital. it’s concerning giving enhances to being unselfish with one another, and love gains sustenance.

Most of the couples are achieving a good relationship by following the above step, If you still facing a relationship issue or break up an issue you need to take marriage counseling.