Relationship Anxiety

Relationship anxiety is a state of mind described as, critical inner voice within us that continuously criticizes us, It is creating when you are more suspicious about your partner, Such negative thinking eventually creates lowers one’s self-esteem and increases an unhealthy level of anxiety, distrust, jealousy, and defensiveness. All this makes us weak our happiness and worries about our relationship so instead of enjoying what we have; we should end up criticizing.

Causes of anxiety in a relationship

  • The fear of losing your partner one and getting hurt
  • Insecurity about your relationship
  • Overstressing and worrying
  • Mixed messages
  • Overanalytical behavior about every activity
  • Thinking too low of yourself and too high of your partner
  • Being critical of yourself

The Best Ways to Deal with Relationship Anxiety

  • Identify the Critical Inner Voice
  • Sit Down With Your Partner and Just Talk About Your Feelings
  • Nurture Independence
  • Stop Analyzing and Measuring Their Every Move of your partner

If still, you facing a problem you should connect with mental health specialist and take relationship counseling