Plough is one of the popular farm implements from ancient time, plows play a major role in Agriculture. It is used for the cultivation of the land before the seeding and planting. Plough is used to turning the soil, which increases crop yield. It is a type of agriculture machine is pulled by a tractor. Here are a few major benefits of purchasing a plow.


  • The loosening and turning of soil during plowing bring nutrient-rich soil to top.
  • Plowing helps to improve the air circulation of soil so that roots can respire easily.
  • Plowing improves the water-retaining ability of the soil.
  • It loosens the layer of soil, such that the roots can able to penetrate deeper into the soil thus hold the plant tightly.
  • It helps in extracting weeds.
  • It helps in the proper mixing of fertilizer in the soil.
  • Plowing helps in the growth of microbes and worms present in soil which are considered as farmer friends.
  • It helps to increase capacity to absorb rainwater it also increases atmospheric nitrate mixed with water enters the soil and it increases soil fertility.

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