The Role of Modern agriculture machine in today is vital in growing the crops. Soil, Water, Sun and Air are needed to flourish the crop and agriculture machine helps to prepare the best environment for harvesting the crops. In Coming time 3 tools have relieved the farming categories from the drudgery of physical labour and use to lower the burden for farming operations. Let’s talk about the latest agriculture equipment who are doing the work to reduce the time and effort of a farmer to grow the crop and make the profit from harvesting.


Tillage farm machinery knew as a harrow. The main purpose of this implement is for cultivating the surface of the soil. It very important implement for breaking up and smoothing out the surface of the soil so that crop grows better.


Plough a tool or farm implement used in farming for initial cultivation of soil in preparation for sowing seed or planting to loosen or turn the soil.  There are various types of Plough an Agriculture Machine like Mounted Disc Plough, Jumbo Fixed Mould Board Plough, Disc Plough (Domestic), Reversible Mould Board Plough, Mounted Mould Board Plough, Reversible Manual Plough.


For the purpose of Landscaping, many types of agriculture machine brought to be used like leveler, rotary cutters, terrace blade, and box blade. Manipulation of terrain and the construction of a structure, Changing the shape of the land through grading, backfilling, mounding so a level can be generated for the best production of crops.


In the Agriculture field, transportation plays a very different role in moving the crop from one place to another. For serving this purpose there are many types of Agriculture equipment brought to use like Tipping Trailer, Water Bowser / Tanker, Bale Spear.

Seeding & Plantation

After preparing the agriculture field, Seeding & Plantation machines use to put seeds on the field. pneumatic planter, crop row planter, roto seed drill, disc seed drill, etc

Crop Protection

Various equipment use to save the crop from insects, and disease. Farmers make multiple decisions each day regarding how best to protect their crops. They use equipment like boom sprayer, fertilizer spreader. Boom sprayer is the most popular choice among the farmers.


Combine harvester a versatile machine designed to efficiently harvest a variety of grain crops. In previous days of farming, only a single kind of crop can harvest but now multipurpose combine harvester can be used for harvesting the crop.

Post Harvest

Post Harvest equipment uses to cut down the time and effort of labour to bring outcrops. Like square baler, round baler, hay rake, sugar cane loader, rotary mulcher serve the purpose of post harvesting.

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