In the Era of mechanization, there is a various problem that Indian agriculture and farmer is facing

Poor quality seeds 

Most of the Indian farmer is not aware that about the seed quality while purchasing due to this retailers make a profit by these selling poor quality seeds, But most of the farmers unaware of them trust they could bring good yield and profits but the result is a loss. State Government or central government should take initiative and educate the farmer and literate youth in villages should also take measures to make awareness to the farmers on packets of seeds for quality assurance of seeds.

Water insufficiency

Still, most of the Indian farming lands are monsoon dependent one can’t predict the oncoming of monsoon and global warming has also a greater impact on them, resulting in floods. For the sake of overcoming this issue, Modern farming techniques such as drip irrigation must be used, the government should take proactively to the source of irrigation and farm equipment on subsidy price

Lack of Technology 

Still, the Indian government is doing experiments on mars but can’t find a proper solution for the problems faced by an average farmer in his field. Most of the Leading countries like the USA, Israel, Japan, etc, are choosing modern farming techniques for a good yield. The government should encourage to use modern agriculture machinery in farming activity.

Premium Price for Food Material 

In India, there is a vide gap between farmer, retailer, and company due to this factor farmer is not getting the genuine price of the product 

Effect of inorganic chemicals 

Now day Continuous usage of pesticides and germicides in agriculture activity affects the crop yield and leading to soil erosion. the government should encourage for use of traditional techniques such as organic pesticides should be used in place of pesticides.

Agriculture Loan Sanction in time 

The government should provide loans for a small rate of interest and reimbursement of interest on loans.

Lack of manpower 

Now, most of the people are moving towards technology and no one is ready to work in the sunlight and in dirty mud. Even They don’t bother about how food material come to their mouth.