How To Be Popular

You heard about many famous personalities around you that were nothing in the past but now people know them very well and you think how the heck they got so famous, start thinking how you be the same. This feeling of wanting to be known or to be a famous person in society is common. In the school, college even at the workplace you have heard about the list of star boy, star performer and you eagerly wanted to be in that list. So what really is it that makes them popular? Here are some noticeable things that make them different from others.

  • Confidence Level
  • Positivity
  • Culturally Interactive
  • Communication skills
  • Looks and/or Physique
  • Comfort with Opposite Gender
  • Intelligent

Way to be a Popular

These are the common qualities a famous person will have but not all of them. No one is perfect but they work for that so do you. Here are some top hacks that will make you famous.

1. Know your Strong Skills

Knowing what you do best could be an important feature of working towards becoming a popular person. Identification of one’s abilities and skill sets could improve self-esteem and confidence. So work on them to amplify.

2. Detect your Shots

Now you know your strength and skills, Its time to source out the ways by which you can improve them. For example, if you are good at math then you could look at possibilities to participate in competitions, events around you. Put your skills on work by grabbing the opportunity around you don’t wait for the time.

3. Be An Active Listener

If you look around you, You will amaze to find that everyone wants to talk and tell their part of the story and few of them will be ready to listen. Listening gives an opportunity to reveal their story. Be active listeners are always appreciated for their capacity to memorize things and making people feel valued.

4. Value Genuinely

If you like to give a compliment or wants to admire there work or thoughts then do it genuinely. Don’t mock them or try to feel them that what they did was foolish or bad. Be supportive like a true hero.

Hope all these points will give you an overview to be popular. If need any help then you can contact online counseling and counsellor will help you with the problems and challenges you are facing to gain self confidence and trust.

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