Break up is the one of the most emotionally exhausting experience that one ever has to deal with. The void the person leaves after the break up feels irreplaceable. It makes you feel that you are at a standstill. It is confusing and makes you feel guilty when you think of moving on from any short term or long term relationship. However you can move on.

You can handle your break up and let yourself an another chance.

1)    Give yourself time to heal

2)    Embrace your emotions

3)    Don’t compare

4)    Figure out what you want

5)    Invest in your well-being

You can find happiness again. Being in a relationship means you opened your vulnerable side to the person and are capable to developing a meaningful relationship again. If it possible once, it is possible again.
It is up-to you to let yourself have that happiness.


Source: BetterLYF

Image Source: unsplash