Farming in India

As we know Indian farmer had discovered farming 2500 years ago. That time they have started farming many spices and sugarcane. As per record, India is the 2nd largest producer of agriculture products in the world? In fact, agriculture contributes to Indian Gross Domestic Product 7.39% in 2018.

Let us discuss the different methods adopted by an Indian farmer and how it plays a major role in the development of farming and its import and export.

Indian Agriculture

Indian Agriculture

Agricultural Methods of the Indian Farmer-

Farming is one most popular and oldest economic activity of our country. In our country, Different regions have different methods of farming. However, all these methods have significantly evolved over the years with changes in weather and climatic conditions.

Farming method of India can be classified as below points-

Primitive Subsistence Farming

Primitive Subsistence Farming is a traditional method of farming, now a day still in some part of our country this farming method still in practice. this type of farming is done by hoe, Ox, Dao. This is the most natural method of farming where the development of crops depends on rain, heat, the fertility of the soil and other environmental conditions. This farming technique is also known as ‘slash and burn’ method, In this method after crop harvesting people use to burn the land. then they started the new batch of cultivation.

Due to this result, the land gains back its fertility, naturally. After this no fertilizers are used for cultivation.the primitive subsistence method yields good quality crops and it also retains the properties of the soil.

Different names of this farming method are-

  • Pama Dabi’ or ‘Koman’ or Bringa’ in Orissa
  • ‘Kumari’ in the Western Ghats
  • ‘Khil’ in the Himalayan region
  • Bewar’ or ‘Dahiya’ in Madhya Pradesh
  • ‘Podu’ or ‘Penda’ in Andhra Pradesh,
  • ‘Valre’ or ‘Waltre’ in South-eastern Rajasthan
  • ‘Kuruwa’ in Jharkhand and

Intensive Subsistence Farming-

This is another type of Indian farming technique. In this farming method, cultivation happens across larger areas of land, it is labor concentrated. Also, It requires a high quantity of chemical fertilizers and different irrigation methods to increase yields.

Commercial Farming

This type of farming has major contributes to the development of the country’s economy with huge volumes of yield.

In this farming method, Indian farmer use high quality of fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and agriculture machine like combine harvester, plough, rotavator , cultivator and many more to enhance and maintain the growth of the crops.