Farming in USA

Farming in America has undergone huge changes since 1950. maybe the largest modification in farming has been in potency.These modern technological breakthrough have made America one of the most productive country in the world. Increasing farm mechanization the wide use of modern agriculture machine like combine harvester,plough, rotavator has created a major impact on productivity apart from this the widespread use of pesticides and fertilizers, stress on soil management and industrial farming have created record crop production potential at identical time that the quantity of farmers has steadily minimized.


There are a few points that create a record production in the USA.

  • Use of modern farm equipment due to farm mechanization
  • Widespread use of pesticides and fertilizers, stress on soil management, and industrial farming
  • On the way of farm mechanazition now some company offer farm equipment rental service due to this any farmer or dealer is getting benefit by agriculture equipment on rent
  • Now US farmer can hire modern agriculture equipment without any hassle
  • Which has also create a major impact on US productivity