Modern Farming and Traditional farming is the major difference between agriculture in US.

Being a technically rich country, most of the US farmers use Modern Agriculture implements and machine for agriculture.


However, India is on the way of developing country and they have a tendency to use both Modern and Traditional Methods,

People who have low income follow the traditional method of farming whereas people who can afford buying agriculture machine they are using modern agriculture method.

In the US only 2% of the whole population is involved in agriculture and land holding is large, in 2012, there where 3.2 million peasant, smallholders, and other agricultural managers and an approximated 757,900 agricultural workers were employed in the US.


In India the average holding of land are less than 1 Hectare and more than 60% of people involved in farming.

In US quality of modern agriculture machine like a plough, Combine Harvester, Zero Tillage, Seed Drill, Rotavator, Combine is very high compared to India.

But In India Agriculture is not a business it is pride, it is very difficult to sell the farm to the farmer, but in the US it is a source of Income.