A cultivator is an agricultural implements used for seedbed preparation, it also uses for proper cutting and aeration of the soil, which makes the soil ideal for plantation. Cultivators are ideal for light and medium soil, it can work up to the nine inches.

Why chose fieldking cultivator ?

  • High durability
  • Tough structure
  • Easy maintenance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Excellent performance


Benefits of cultivator

  • Cultivator Suitable for use in stone oriented and root obstructed soil condition.
  • The cultivator is ideal for light and medium soil condition.
  • It can be used for loosening and aerating the soil up to depth the 9 inch
  • The cultivator is ideal for seed bead preparation quickly.

Features of cultivator

  • Unequally designed for toughest operations.
  • The spring steel tyne is so designed that it does not need a separate spring.
  • Prepares seed beds quickly and economically.

Cultivation meaning in hindi

Cultivaton का अर्थ कृषि होता है , कृषि मानव जीवन के जीने का आधार है , प्राचीन कल में हम खेती पसुवो की सहायता से करते थे पर आधुनिक युग में यह कार्य आधुनिक कृषि उपकरणों की सहायता से करते है ,

Cultivator meaning in hindi

Cultivator एक आधुनिक कृषि उपकरण है समान्यतः इसका उपयोग खेतो की जुताई करने में किया जाता है। यह खेतो की मिट्टी के ढेलों को तोड़ने में बहुत उपयोगी है ,

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