Relationships involve the efforts of the two individuals working in the same direction together. This mutual process has no shortcuts. Since there are two different individuals in a relationship, clash of interests, is a common thing. Both of the partners need to understand and make the adjustment with these differences. These differences are responsible for hiding things and making mistakes.

relationship mistakes

These are the most common mistakes that one should be forgiven for in a relationship:

  • Telling White Lies:

Lying that you liked the gift that your partner got for you even if you do not, appreciating the food your partner cooked for you even if it doesn’t taste good, these are the type of white lies that should be allowed in a relationship.

  • Do not be ashamed of your past:

Before coming into a relationship two different individuals had been living separate lives. Both have their own past, so, it is fine not to be embarrassed about your own past. But anyone’s past should not affect their own existing relationship.

  • Feeling jealous at times:

It’s fine to be afraid of losing your loved one. Feeling jealous sometimes should be acceptable in a relationship. Though, this jealousy should not take over as doubt.

  • Having different Priorities

Two different individuals can have their own priorities and it should be excused. If doing things as per your priorities makes you happy then there is nothing wrong. Because if you are happy only then you make your partner happy. And your partner would also want to see you happy.

  • Having your own time with your friends:

There should be no restriction if you want to spend time with your friends even if you are in a committed relationship. You deserve to have your own time with your friends.

These are very common mistakes that are supposed to be ignored or forgiven; still, at times, partners try to control things in each other’s life which can make the situation worse. If you feel things are not going the way you want, better to take online counselling  for leading a better life with your partner. Online Counsellor specializes in relationship couselling  they will guild you to tackle this relationship issue.