Common Agriculture Machinery Used in India

India is an agricultural nation, here farming is carried out the majority of people, and there are a variety of farming equipment used by an Indian farmer, This equipment could be categorized further into manually carried equipment and tractor-drawn equipment, 

Agriculture is the primary source of living in India for more than 60% of the population. As per reference gross value Added by farming, forestry and fishing is estimated at Rs 18.53 trillion (US$ 271.00 billion) in FY18.

This magical figure has achieved by the use of modern agricultural implements, the use of pesticides, high quality of seeds.

In this article, I will explain the common agriculture machinery used by the Indian farmer.

Plough: It is one of the popular farm implement or farming tool used for initial cultivation of soil to loosen or turn the soil in preparation for sowing seed or planting. Plough is used as primary tillage equipment. Plowing activity consists of opening the upper crust of the soil, breaking the soils and making the soil ideal for sowing seeds. 

Rotavator: Rotavator is one of the powerful agriculture machinery or tillage implements, It is used to break up, churn and aerate the soil prior to planting seeds and bulbs or laying turf, In current era of farm mechanization rotavator or rotary tiller is considered as a most economical and effective tool use for replacing the disc harrow, cultivator, and leveler.

Combine harvester: The combine is one of the versatile agriculture machines that’s designed to efficiently harvest a variety of crops, It performs multiple farming operations like reaping, threshing, and winnowing into a single step, It is one of the truth that combines are one of the most economically important labor-saving inventions in agriculture.

Leveler: Land Leveler is also one of the popular agriculture implements use to leveling the farm, it is a tractor driven farm equipment, it helps to conserve water into the soil.

Tractor Trailer: A tractor-trailer is one of the popular tractor drive agriculture implements used for loading/unloading goods from one place to another. Now a day various types of tractor-trailer like tipping trailer, 3-way tipping trailer, non-tipping trailer used in agriculture or construction activities.