Combine Harvester

A combine harvester is one of the largest agriculture machinery used to harvest grains such as wheat, oats, maize, sorghum, rice, soybeans, sunflowers, and many other crops, This machine works as in all in one machine. Instead of using separate farm machines for different agriculture activities like threshing, winnowing the grain and reaping the harvester, can combine all these activities into one single step, due to this fact in the current era, Combine is considered as one of the most economically labor-saving inventions. 

Combine harvester how it works

In the current era, Combine harvester is one of the great in the farming industry, Its design includes gears box, conveyors, belts, levels, blades, augers, and wheels. Here is how a combine works.

  • Grain crops are used to gathers by the front header, which can be moved from a different angle and ways to gather the most crops.
  • From the header part of the combine, a slowly revolving wheel pushes the produce down towards the cutter.
  • The cutter bar of combine runs the width of the engine and it opens and closes to regularly cut the crops at their base.
  • After the cutter, the crops are fed by an augur and up a conveyor to the processing tool.
  • In the threshing drum of the harvester, the crops are torn apart, and the grains and shook apart from their stalks.
  • The grains fall through a bolt into a collecting tank.
  • When the grain tank is full, It is shown by an indicator that tank is now full of grain

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Combine harvester uses

There are following use of combine machinery

  • The combine is used to crop the plant grain from the field
  • It is used to separate the grain from the straw and also used to its cleaning
  • The combine is also used to collect the grain in the container
  • It is also used to separate the grain and straw
  • After the cleaning operation, it also uses to separate leftover the straw and other field impurities

Combine harvester prices

if you are looking for a combine harvester price there are various company manufacturing combine harvester of different types and price ranges between 10 lac to 30 lac, according to a different side and applications.if you are looking for combine harvester for sale then you can compare online harvester price.

Combine harvester diagram


Combine harvester parts

A combine harvester is a system that starts at the header and ends with the planter. Every component of the combine is associate to other components they can’t function independently; the header, feeder house, thresher, separator, cleaning fan and straw chopper all interact with effects that can reach all the way to planting the following spring.