Introverts are assumed to be antisocial and lonely. They talk rarely as they prefer more to listen to others and spending time with themselves and their thoughts instead of going out and catch up with friends. Introverts are awesome in fact. But when it comes to public speaking it may be the last thing an introvert can think of. But it does not mean that they are paralyzed in public.

According to the latest research in Psychology Today, Psychiatrist suggests that where extroverts constitute 50-74% of the population, remaining 16-50% are introverts. That is not a small number at all, and out of these, most of them are required to speak on a public platform, they also manage to do that. And which means if they can do it, why can’t you.
So if you are one of them who want to get better at public speaking, these are some easy tips for you to follow:

Relax Your Body Before You Try To Calm Your Mind

 Before starting any big speech, your brain may start buzzing, not necessarily with wonderful ideas but with your assumptions that things may go wrong. All of this can make it difficult for you to keep calm in your mind. So it is suggested to just go ahead first calm your body. Yawn and move well your body, stand up straight, ultimately do everything to relax your body and your mind will follow the same.

 Practice, More and More

 Have you ever seen a speaker that holds the attention of all the audience for a long time? There is definitely some talent behind that, but more than that, it is the hours and hours of practice. So before you start your big speech, it is better to practice as much as you can for a greatly crafted speech.

 Tell yourself, When “It’s Showtime!”

 Many speakers are recognized for considering their speech as a show. And they focus on making the speech all about the present audience and less themselves which helps in decreasing the pressure a bit and also makes them think of ways they can connect with the audience like a showman rather a speaker.

 Think About the Interests Your Audience

 What is the interest of your audience? Is it only your life’s story, maybe a solution to a rare problem, an interesting point of view on a burning issue? Once you find out this, think about other numerous unique methods of presenting the subject to them without thinking too much about you can be judged or not, or without overthinking about the entertainment part.

 Keep Smiling With Confidence

 When you have done all your preparation, and got the story right to the bone, now all that is left for you is to connect with properly with your audience with a smile. It becomes so easy with a smile that you cannot even imagine. Enter the room with a smile; look at the audience with a smile before you start speaking. This way, you will feel a lot more relaxed and confident when you start speaking before them.

This is a common belief that only extroverts are better at public speaking but it is not always the case. There are certain abilities that only introverts possess, such as being alone, which helps them in planning and preparing for a speech that is much more thorough than an extrovert who is better liable to wing it. In the end, it is all about directing the potentials you have in the right direction than trying to convert yourself to something you are not. If Introverts still have issues they can seek Counseling by visiting the Counselors or can find online counselling to improve public speaking skills.