You know it when things are not working in a relationship. The bond that you once you used to had with your loved one has gone nonfunctional suddenly. You are irritated by all the things your partner does be it bad or good enough it leads to fights!

As per the studies, couples who wish to stay together with moving towards an aim are more likely to stay. Whereas the people who said that they stay in the marriage to avoid pain or fear of being alone in the society does not seem to have a stable relationship.

With such misty situations around us, a small depression feeling possesses us, either to stay or to leave.

But before making a decision, ask these 5 questions to yourself:

Is it him or you who wants to leave?

There may be times when one can take the other person for granted. Consequently making someone need more and more expectations from the other. In this competitive world, there can be times of feeling alone and it can be a big reason that you or your partner wants to leave. And consequently, we do not how things turn up.

Are you both compatible?

Hobbies and Interests run hand in hand when it is about finding compatibility with your partner. If you have extreme differences then a lot of friction is bound to happen. So make a note of the things you like to do together and if you find something you have not done so far you both like, try doing it again. This way you can check if you still like their company.

Was it due to a bad day?

Relations have to face different levels. This is also about what two of you go through in your day to day lives separately. It may maybe workload or dealing with in-laws causing you stress and making you feel like running away. You should try to understand this from any other person’s point of view. You do not need to panic, just find out if it is a bad day or some other reason.

What is their importance in your life?

From thousands of people around, you should choose to be with a person who helps you to become a better person. Someone who advises you tries to make you happy and stand by you through goods and bads most importantly. If your partner is not adding such values to your life and making you unhappy, then it is worth speaking out.

Perennial Problems?

Fights may be always there but if anyone is trapped and stick to one problem of the past then it needs to be reconsidered. It is because they do not wish to find the solution, instead, keep hovering over the same issue each time there is a little friction.

Finding another person to replace may seem to be the easy part but figuring out the compatibility issues with the same person is indeed one of the most difficult in a relationship. Although it is suggested to take the help of relationship counselling when it is hard to find a solution.