Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage

One of the most substantial causes that show arranged marriage is always better than love marriage.

  • After arrange marriage both couple used to spend the time to understand each other.
  • As we know in love marriage the level of understanding of couple are different level but after marriage, their thinking converted in social responsibilities but married couple always the same which is difficult.
  • Generally, it is easy to adjust with the partner in an arranged marriage. that why arrange marriage is more stable.
  • In arrange marriage couple always do the take care of each other, they spent more time to understand each other, because had they never meet before marriage
  • Due to marriage stability, arrange marriage resolve any issue quickly.
  • In most of the case due to some reason love marriage couple has to stay away from their family, so that had they have to face their problem on own level.
  • Arranged marriages often resolve domestic issues faster. because there is a sense of fear of losing the partner.
  • In Some case due to break up or dispute issue love marrige couple need to take marriage counseling because there is no guider to guide you to overcome the misunderstanding