What is a Disc Harrow? 

Disc harrow primary tillage equipment used for soil preparation work. Disc harrow used for harrowing the field either deep or superficial. People often get confused between the difference between disc Plough and disc harrow. This is the same as plough but the difference is plough cuts, grinds, and rearranges the soil, building channels and ridges, Disc harrow crumbles up clods and outside crusts. Disc harrow consists an array of concave cutting blades that use to cut deep in the soil. 

What is a disc harrow used for?

The main benefit of disc harrow, it improves soil granulation and exterior uniformity. Harrowing as one of the most significant soil preparation methods, beneficial for stimulating the weed growth and destroys previously grown weeds. It also aids in the primary task of 

organising crop residues into the soil.

Here are some of the popular uses of disc harrows

  • Development of Fine Seedbed
  • Breaking the Clays
  • Crushing the Soil or Completely Mixing the Soil
  • Aerates Dirt
  • Destroying Weeds
  • Covering Seeds after Broadcasting

What are the types of Disc Harrows?

In the farm equipment market place, you will get a variety of disc harrow. You need to pick one a per your requirement. There are many different types of disc harrow, here are some of their types on the basis of uses.

  • Single action disc harrow
  • Double action disc harrow or Tandem disc harrow
  • Offset disc harrow
  • Based on Disc Diameter

1. Single Action Disc Harrow

this type of disc harrow has two disc packs arranged in opposite directions, so it can throw soil in various directions.

2. Double Action Disc Harrow 

It is also known by the name Tandem disc harrow that consists of two or more groups. Discs from front group operate in such a manner, so as to deliver soil in one way, while discs on the rear group throw the soil in the different direction and it usually spreads the width varying from 5 to 15 ft.

3. Offset Disc Harrow 

Offset disc harrow has two gangs fitted backwards one another and working in tandem. It has harrow fixed offside of the tractor so it does not fall on the same line of drawing the tractor

4. Based on Disc Diameter

  • Light disc harrows– Equipped with a disc diameter of 20-30 cm
  • Middle disc harrows- Equipped with a disc diameter of 30-50 cm
  • Heavy disc harrows– Equipped with a disc diameter more than 60cm

Working video of Disc Harrow


Larger areas need new and big agricultural machinery and agricultural implements, like high-speed disc harrow. while more modest areas can be handled with the simple farm machine such as the poly disc harrow. So make sure you pick the most suitable harrow for your soil development work. Hope you enjoyed reading an overview of disc harrow.